The Bogmans Cannon was a hugely successful experiment in radical publishing, originating in Bog Road, Clonakilty, which was live throughout 2015 & 2016.

The ambition of The Bogmans Cannon was to prove that, despite a complete lack of institutional acknowledgement or support, a politically engaged multimedia literature existed in Ireland , & that it could connect with a large online audience with the active support of that audience.

Because of the continuous support we received from our audience,  & due to the unanimous excellence-in-diversity of our writers & multimedia creators, the site received over 300000 views from well over 200000 seperate visitors in its two years of hectic existence.

The example of The Bogmans Cannon is permanently there for any who choose take inspiration from it. We are happy to have been an important part of a diverse & continuously expanding & improving counter-media in Ireland & beyond. We all look forward to being part of the continuing development of rebel media in all its various forms.

Please enjoy browsing our large archive. It is easily the most comprehensive & diverse record of popular self-expression you will find for the Ireland of the centenary period so far.

Here you will find work in various media from dozens upon dozens of front-line creators proudly emulating the revolutionary artistic & political traditions of 1916-23 – each in their own way.

Do go on to check out other Irish rebel media sites & orgs such as,, & Dublin Digital Radio.

Heartfelt thanks & all best wishes to all who have contributed & made The Bogmans Cannon the success that it was & is.

Make it new, and Make it Now.

Founding Editor, Dave Lordan

The Bogman’s Cannon – Spread The Fire!

Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead – William Blake.

Ireland’s pioneering Alt.Culture Hub and grassroots production network with a love of well-produced video-poetry and quirky live events such as The Bogmans Cannon Fiction Disco 

We love accessible, innovative, outspoken, and insurrectionary work in all genres.

We support and promote independent and autonomous (i.e non-commercial and non state-regulated) arts and expression.

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Founding Editor: Dave Lordan

Facilitating Editors:  Karl Parkinson,  Barbara O’Donnell.

Contributing Editors: Peadar O Grady, Elaine FeeneyAndre K’por, Conchúr Ó Ceallaigh, Anamaría Crowe Serrano,  Tina Pisco,   Joe Horgan   Oisin Fagan, Billy  Hanluain, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Susan Millar Du Mars, Emer Martin, Eoin O Faogain, Dylan Brennan.

Satirist-in-Residence Kevin Higgins

Irish People’s Poetry Champion – Sarah Clancy

Bozo RegulatorQuincy Lehr

with contributions from many others. 

Dedicated to Inspiration, Participation, good craic, civilised debate, sharing opinions and truths, and to Creative Community.

We’re unfunded, unsponsored, completely voluntary, and proudly independent. If you wish to support us please share our website with your friends and contacts or support the work of the numerous writers we feature.

NB: As we are volunteers we unfortunately don’t have time to read submissions and are commission only.

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The writer must put their body at risk in their work – Pier Paulo Pasolini

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