Writing Poetry & Drawing with Annemarie Ni Churreain and Chanelle Walshe

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself”

― Henry Miller

Language is about much more than words. Among other things, it is about silence, observation and the body. Language is also about wilderness.

In Ireland, language is literally in our nature. One of our earliest pre-Christian scripts was Beith-luis-nin. It was based on the Ogham alphabet, also known as the ‘celtic tree alphabet’ because each of the twenty Ogham symbols were named after a tree. For example, the symbol for the letter d was referred to as ‘dair’ or ‘oak’

Under ancient Brehon laws, these trees – the core of our alphabet – were protected against harm.

On 23 May, at the Big Smoke Writing Factory, I’ll be giving a workshop with painter and visual artist Chanelle Walshe entitled Writing Poetry & Drawing. With landscape as our theme, we’ll be helping participants discover their own oral, written and visual language.

Our aim is to guide participants through the process of observation, so that each person can begin to translate what he/she sees and feels onto the page.

For this workshop, we’ll be exploring the form, shape and folklore of flora and fauna.

Suitable for beginners. All materials provided. Cost 60E. Tutor & booking details available here.


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