Line Maintenance Delay, by Bernard O’Rourke


No years, just those watery things, days, attractive as they fly, hi-vis to everyone but hard to turn around again, provided how years disappear.  It’s they who are drilling up the Park now. Couple level. Two beneath provided a break, gained a depth very surely and suddenly the light was invited. Open four platforms, progress. Once all drilling times were various. What the waymarked working encouraged most was asymmetrical cavities. By north is a station, civilian landscaped, what used to be Ravenscourt, is all, was all. All dug up now but with the open hole almost a temporary island, a so ago, you know there’s need for the work. Descending north, stone drilling, turning of giant time, incendiary years needed to measure that much work. All of this opened up by bombing in 1941, closed and opened again a few civilian years back. Left the people trackless for a part, that was a requirement, as now. Been leaning on that excuse for a few years mistress. No years, just those watery things, waiting periods for essential line upgrades.

Bernard O Rourke