Lucy Sings the Blues, extract from De Blocks, by Karl Parkinson

Dats some nice gear I got over in Fatima offa dat youngfella, he doesnt know how te mix it right, gives me a free bag as well. Well its not free I just have te suckis little yoke forim, only takes two minuets. Ive a lovely buzz on me now. Lovely.
De first time I had sex, he came inte me room and climbed inte me bed, de smella drink, de first time I felt a hairy body, rough hands.
I was fourteen. Had a crush onim. Stephen Brown he was me brothers friend, five years older than me. He was gentle, tookis time before he worked it up. It wasnt bad, he knew what he was doing. De first dick. Since den I had every type of dick: Long, fat, small, pink, brown, circumcised, uncircumcised, ones dat bent upwards. De dicks, de cum, de taste, de smell, de KY jelly, de group fucks from football teams, de freaks who pay big money in de brothels te be pissed on or shit on, stick your finger up my arse, suck dat fucker bitch, you like it hard like dat dont ya bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch…
Yeah, dats it, dats it slut, keep it up.
Faster, faster, lash me out of it.
Yeah, yeah, oh ya dirty little bitch, yeah!

Im fuckin dyin sick have te get sumtin inte me fast. Sweat drippin down me spine, but Im cold. No money. Ive five blueys take dem te keep me goin. Ring Tracy and see if shes anythin te lend us till I go out later and make sum money workin.
Get dese down me neck. A cup a tea, force it inte me, make dem blues come up on me faster. All me bones ache, like deyre grindin against one another or sumthin. Look at me face, Im in bits, a dirty junkie whore is all I am.

Tracy! Tracy! Its me, Lucy, Im dyin sick, Tray, have ya any money till later?
No, Im broke, Davos here will I askim if he can do anythin for ya?
Yeah, yeah whatever.
Hold on so.
He said come around and yiz can sort sumthin out.
Cool, nice one Tray, Ill see ya soon.
No prob, see ya when ya come around.

This Davo fellas a prick but hes a prick with gear.
Give de secret knock te let dem know its me and not de fuckin F.B.I, hah.
Howya Lucy come in, luv.
Alright, Tracy.
De room stinks, ashtrays full of butts, empty cans, brown bags from chipper food, smell of vinegar and grease.
Makes me feel even sicker de smell in here. De state of Davo. Sittin der with no top on, not a pick onim, track marks all overim, Indian ink and bad tattoos, isface just bone with one layer a skin wrapped around it, greasy hair combed te one side.
Alright Davo,
Whats de story Lucy jaysus, ya look in bits, dyin sick wha?

De cunt knows I am. Some junkies, especially ones who sell, love seen people sick when deyre not sick demselves.
Here have a line off a dat Davo says as he hands me a balla tin foil, with a black hard sticky bita gear on it.
I was hopin te get a fuckin turn on outta this fucker but a smoke will do for now.
Oh jasus dats better, dat smoke sorted me out, should stop me fuckin nose from runnin.
Thanks for dat Davo, have ya any bags for sale? On tick till after? Ill get money out workin.
Diein fora bleedin T0 she is wha? Ill tell yea what Ill do for ya. Ya can have two bags now if yea let me little brother ride ya
Ah fuck off Davo Ill give ya money later, tellim will ya Tracy?
Davo stop actin de prick and give de bags te her will ya?
No, me little brother James is in de bedroom, hes only sixteen, hes not strung out or anythin, come on he needsis hole, give it teim Lucy and ya can have de two bags or else tebe honest ya can fuck off.
Go on so, since hes only a youngfella, wer is he?
In de room I told ya, hold on Ill go in and tellim what de story is.
Go on in hes in der in bed, be gentle withim Lucy.
Has he got jonnies in der?
Fuckin right he has, I wouldnt letim be with de likes eh you without one.
Wanker, give us de bags first, I wont use till after Im withim.
Jaysus, hes actually good lookin.
I was expectin te find sum mad lookin yoke. Might even enjoy dis.
Howaya, Im Lucy, James isinit?
Yeah, alright Lucy.
Lovely eyes, green, I love green eyes, and dark hair, great match.
A bit shy. Ill sit down on de bed and relaxim.
Youve lovely eyes, dya know dat? So will dis be yer first time?
Ehh, yea, I got a blow job and a wank of Sandra Coyle but she wouldnt let me ride er.
Sandra! Jaysus I used te hang around with er Sister Jenny.
Take off me tracksuit and runners, bend over in front offim, slide de knickers down slowly, now turn around in de nip, letim see me.
Well what de ya think? Am I nice lookin?
Yeah I thought yea be in bits been a junkie enall, no offence like.
Im not on it dat long, Im gonna get on de clinic, and get me self clean soon.
Get in besideim, de body onim for sixteen, kissim, soft big lips… Oh… Hands squeezinmetits… agh… Fingers… Grab his dick… Hard… Oohhhh… Wet… Fuck… Yes… Condom…
Take… Over… Rideim… Yessss… Ohhh……………………………………………………………………………………………………..hhhhhh.

Well, was it as good asya thought it would be?
Fuckin great, yer a great ride Lucy ehh, I, I, I mean yer deadly in bed.
Ha, ha, thanks yer bleedin deadly yerself.
I likeim. Hes cute, easiest way I ever made two bags in me life. Jaysus, I better bang onea dem now.
Here, Im just gonna go and have a turn on Ill come back inte yea, in a bit and we can have a bit more fun if yea want?
Yeah, no prob, Im gonna make a joint.
Dats it, we all get stoned one way or de other Jamesy, huh?
We do around here Lucy, dats for sure.


She had sex. He came inte her room. Standing der in a red G-String, no bra. She felt a hairy body on her skin. Tina Turner album on. She snorted hard. Stephen Brown he was her brothers friend. Her red shoes te match. Her bag. Took his time te get her wet before he worked it up her. A box of John Player Blue.
Slipped it. Every type of dick, long, fat, skinny, small, pink, brown. She looked in de full length mirror. Dicks dat bent downwards. Dicks dat bent upwards. De football teams. De freaks. Pissed on and shit on. Stick your finger up my arse. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. De hot water soothed and invigorated her. Wake up bitch!
Be sure te soap de smell off. Run red painted nails through it. You really no how te do it. Talk de talk. Youre simply de best. Coming out of a dirty mouth. Lucy swayed her hips, letting de hot water ooohhhoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah baby pump me harder. Lucys thoughts went back te de first time.
Faster, faster, lash me out of it. Inte her bed, de smell of drink. De first needle. She dances out de shower, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shes fourteen, has a crush. Do dat swish and tie thing dat women do with wet hair. Years older than her. At least he was gentle. Put out two lines of coke on de cover. Up her. De first dick. One up each nostril. Her head shot up. Circumcised, uncircumcised, ones dat bent up. Im gonna have a mad one tonight. Horrible fat cunt. De cum. De taste. De smell. Daddys dick, priest dick, dog dick, junkie dick, shy dick, nice dick, good dick, bad dick, young dick, old dick, skinny dick, fat dick, Gods dick, a river of sperm, Lucy drowning in a river of white, yellow spunk, seamen, sperm, cum, jiz, balls batter. A monster sized dick in her arse full of KY jelly.
She put on her little red dress, cut low at de back. Fuck someone whos awake. Dey pay big money. Bag of coke, card of Dolmain. Im about te cum. Your big dick has me der. Suck dat fucker bitch. You like it hard dont yea? Bitch, yea bleedin ride yea. I know it sounds good. Say some more with your big dick. Your big dick, dicks, cocks, mickeys, rogers, penises, willeys, wanks, its in her hair, on her face. It hurts, its numb. Pull her hair. Gargoyles in a bukkake fest, with green sperm in her eyes. Blackout.

She lifted her leg and washed de days work from her body. She washed her long black hair.
Tina Turners voice can be heard in de room. Water runs down her hair, shoulders, legs, onte her feet, dat have track marks. Takes a towel te dry. Lucy de junkie, de whore, looks at herself in de mirror and says Yea little ride yea, yea dirty junkie bitch.
She swallows a card of Dolmain, reads de text from Jamesy one more time:

Youll never get off de gear, Lucy, Im sorry but it was just a bit of fun, a bit of sex, I cant have a junkie dats on de game as me bird, ya know? Sorry 😦

Fuckim, fuck dem all, de bunch of pricks, de dirty fuckin bunch of big pricks.

She finds a vein, puts de works in her groin, draws blood back and shoots degear inte her body and drifts out of de blocks inte a memory, den a dream, den silence.

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