Genuine Socialists must stand out from the Assad’s Stalinist Cheerleaders on the Aleppo Atrocity.


I’ve never been more disgusted in my life than i am by the Stalinists & Stalinoids who are cheerleading the massacre in Aleppo on my Facebook timeline. I mean members & supporters of the Workers Party, the Irish Communist Party, Eirigi, & so called ‘independent’ leftists who are independent of nothing but having a heart or brain in this matter. They all make me vomit.

What the Iranian & Iraqi Black & Tans, the Syrian Sectarian Army, & the Russian Empire are doing in Aleppo is imperialist butchery & perhaps the single greatest atrocity of the 21st Century so far. It’s no coincidence that the Irish supporters of the atrocity appear to almost unanimously belong to organisations & traditions that once backed the siberian prison camps, the nazi-soviet pact, the tanks that crushed the hungarian revolution & a dozen other people’s revolutions.

Well I am not going to be counted among those, now or ever. Long live the Arab Spring! Fuck Assad & his child rapers. Fuck Putin & his barrel bombers. Fuck the Ayatollah’s Black-And-Tans. Fuck every one who gives them the slightest bit of comfort or support. & if thats too black & white for you, fuck you.

Fuck you if you think it’s ok to barrel-bomb the poor while they queue for bread.

Fuck you if you think it’s heroic to collapse ten storey buildings on top of orphans.

Fuck you if you think it’s ok for soldiers to rape women if they are muslim or wear the hijab.

Fuck you if, as is evident from many of your posts, you get a little hard-on when you hear a maternity hospital has been bombed.

Fuck you for spreading the miserable, inhuman lie that the heartbreaking goodbye videos being posted by activists in East Aleppo are anything but genuine.

Fuck you because you are a monkey for Putin & Assad & a cheerleader of atrocity.

I am a socialist who – like most socialists these days thank the lark – knows the revolution will be just as much against you as it is against your massacring, raping, barrel-bombing, chemical-killing heroes in Aleppo.

Genuine socialists need to start calling out the Stalinists much louder. They count for virtually nothing in the real world & if people knew that were supporting Assad & Putin they would count for even less. Lets make them count for as little as possible.

On the internet the Stalinists can seem much more significant than they actually are. But imagine if they got a TD or some other form of power or real support – it would be a disaster for the Irish working class to have PutinAssad’s Cheerleaders in a leadership position.

So please – do something in the name of the massacred people of Aleppo today & call out the stalinists on your timeline – share this post or say something yourself. The stalinists are confusing some decent people because socialists, anarchists, & other genuine activists are not being forward enough in calling them out. Lets not be lumped in with them. I would rather eat my own head than be confused with a stalinist massacre lover.