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Designed for those with busy lives who want to make more time for their creativity & use that time wisely. Fees are rock bottom. 60euros for waged, 40 euros for unwaged. Find out all you need to know in the video. Shares are greatly appreciated by an independent self-funded artist & community educator!

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Irish Writers Open Letter on The Jobstown 18


We write as writers concerned with the impact of proposed jury restrictions in the case of the Jobstown 18 on freedom of expression in Ireland.

These three proposed restrictions from the DPP are particularly objectionable in this regard:

“People from the Jobstown/Tallaght area and people with such connections to the area as would give rise to a concern thatthey could not deal with the case impartially.”

“Persons who are active in any campaigning groups either for or against water charges (whether formal or informal).”

“Persons who have expressed themselves in public, whether on the Internet, in the print media (newspapers), broadast media(radio or television), on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, on-line comment pages of websites or newspapers or any other form of social media) or otherwise on publically available mediums, on issues concerning water charges and/or the events on the 15th November 2014….”

We believe that these absurd restrictions, if enacted, would allow for the handpicking of a jury intentionally & heavily weighted against the defendants. Everyone in Ireland has been involved in the water charges debacle; it is one of those issues where you are either for or against it.

Going by the proposed restrictions only those who are for water charges will be allowed on the jury, deciding the case in advance in favour of the state & the privateers. This is the tactic of a dictatorship, a show-trial tactic.

Every member of a trade union is signed up to the water charges campaign through ICTU. Besides this the vast majority of the Irish working class have campaigned or expressed themselves against the charges. Therefore these restrictions exclude almost the entire Irish working class – that is, all those who could justly be regarded as peers of the Jobstown 18 from serving on a jury which is to decide their guilt or innocence on charges of an extremely serious nature.

We believe that the right to a jury of your peers is an essential aspect of the right to a fair trial.

Also, it would be comical to suggest that the state is neutral on the issue of the monetisation of Irish water resources. The state has at all times been an active agent in the promotion of water charges. Should the state be true to principle of legal neutrality, it would have to withdraw the charges. Water charges campaigners being tried by the Irish State is the equivalent of mice being tried by cats – it is patently & a priori imbalanced & fundamentally unjust.

Sadly, it is obvious to us as it to so many other observers in Ireland & Internationally that this whole affair is not in the least a matter of neutral justice, but of political revenge against a movement which has shaken corporate Ireland to the core.

Attempting to stack the jury against the peaceful defenders of the principle of free water is of a piece with the uncalled for aggression of Gardai against working class communities throughout the water charges campaign, with the deliberate & co-ordinated villification of working class protesters by the corporate & state media, with the dawn raids against campaigning teenagers, with the fake outrage against water defenders expressed in often lurid terms by right wing politicians.

All of these are tactics of those who would place a price on water intended to demonise, isolate, & ultimately destroy the movement of those who would not.

In a deeply divided class society such as Ireland, where all mainstream means of expression are effectively under the control of a tiny & undemocratic minority acting solely in their own minority interests at all times, the only form of expression left to the majority is protest. It is therefore absolutely vital for any form of democracy to operate in ireland that the right to peaceful protest, including sit-down protest & including the temporary inconveniencing of politicians be defended.

Put plainly, the aim of the repression of the water charges campaign is to shut the working class up so the ruling class can get on with with its business of privatising everything & making as much profit as can be made without regard to the social & cultural consequences for everybody else.

We therefore call on all with a genuine interest in freedom of expression in Ireland to join with us in condemning the attempt by the DPP to pack the Jury against the Jobstown 18, whose courage, principle & dignity we honour & admire.

Yours Sincerely

Christy Moore
Dave Lordan
Elaine Feeney
Sarah Clancy
Colm Keegan
Emmet Kirwan
Terry McMahon
Devin Doyle
Karl Parkinson
Frankie Gaffney
Willam Wall
Oisin O Faogain
Brian Hanly
Keith Payne
Mia Gallagher
Tyler McNally
Claire Hennessy

Aiden O Reilly
Lewis Kenny
Lisa Dee
Michael O Loughlin
Anne Mulhall
John Molyneaux
Annamaria Crowe Serrano
Joe Horgan
Kevin Curran
Dylan Brennan
Raymond Deane
Alice Kinsella
Victoria Keating
Caroline Farrell
Arnold Thomas Fanning
Maureen Ruprecht
Ann Farrelly
Bairbre Flood
Kathryn Keane
Jessamine O Connor
Taryn De Vere
Andrew Galvin
Mick Blake
Maragret O Driscoll
Conor Malone
John Cunningham
Kevin Higgins
Mari Maxwell
Sorcha Nic An TSionnaigh
John Green
Colin Dardis
Jessica Keye
Trish Groves
Tina Pisco
Cormac Lally
Susan Millar Du Mars
Andrej Kapor
Cherley Kane
Goretti Horgan
Eamonn McCann
Stephen Murray
Ciaran O Rourke
Deaglain O Donghaile
Polina Representeva
Catherine Ann Cullen
June Caldwell

Cannon’s End

The Bogmans Cannon was a hugely successful experiment in radical publishing, originating in Bog Road, Clonakilty, which was live throughout 2015 & 2016.

The ambition of The Bogmans Cannon was to prove that, despite a complete lack of institutional acknowledgement or support, a politically engaged multimedia literature existed in Ireland , & that it could connect with a large online audience with the active support of that audience.

Because of the continuous support we received from our audience, & due to the unanimous excellence-in-diversity of our writers & multimedia creators, the site received over 300000 views from well over 200000 seperate visitors in its two years of hectic existence.

The example of The Bogmans Cannon is permanently there for any who choose take inspiration from it. We are happy to have been an important part of a diverse & continuously expanding & improving counter-media in Ireland & beyond. We all look forward to being part of the continuing development of rebel media in all its various forms.

Please enjoy browsing our large archive. It is easily the most comprehensive & diverse record of popular self-expression you will find for the Ireland of the centenary period so far.

Here you will find work in various media from dozens upon dozens of front-line creators proudly emulating the revolutionary artistic & political traditions of 1916-23 – each in their own way.

Do go on to check out other Irish rebel media sites & orgs such as rabble.ie, broadsheet.ie, & Dublin Digital Radio.

Heartfelt thanks & all best wishes to all who have contributed & made The Bogmans Cannon the success that it was & is.

Make it new, and Make it Now.

Dave Lordan, Founding Editor.


Appeal to Potential Asylum Seekers By Order of Her Majesty’s Government

by Kevin Higgins


The desserts of Vienna are creamier

than is the case in even

the better bits of Leeds or Swansea.

Their trams turn up when they’re meant to,

which is hardly ever true

of an outskirts-of-Great-Yarmouth Saturday night,

except when Prince Edward is dying,

re-marrying, or giving birth,

and there’s an Ian Stuart Donaldson concert to celebrate.


Also, we think it important we clarify:

Hugh Grant is not a real person.

So, there’s no point coming here

in the hope of making him

your husband, or even

your wife.


Contrary to reports in the popular press:

our social security is in fact rubbish.

And we’re working hard to make it worse.

You’ll toil all the hours picking

shells off a beach in the dark;

or clean a pretend bank

for less per week than

Andrew Neil pays to have

his back waxed.


And you’ll have nowhere to live,

given our plan to gift

the last council house to former

model Jerry Hall

for rest and recuperation

the day after she’s taken annually

by Rupert Murdoch, as she’s now

contractually bound

to let herself be.


If you stay where you are,

as a gesture, we offer you

Richard Branson. The first forty four

legitimate asylum seekers

to complete the relevant form will each

be entitled to one of his teeth,

for use perhaps as collateral or

as a miniature sex toy –


on condition you remove

it at your own leisure using

the rudimentary

chisel provided.




Genuine Socialists must stand out from the Assad’s Stalinist Cheerleaders on the Aleppo Atrocity.


I’ve never been more disgusted in my life than i am by the Stalinists & Stalinoids who are cheerleading the massacre in Aleppo on my Facebook timeline. I mean members & supporters of the Workers Party, the Irish Communist Party, Eirigi, & so called ‘independent’ leftists who are independent of nothing but having a heart or brain in this matter. They all make me vomit.

What the Iranian & Iraqi Black & Tans, the Syrian Sectarian Army, & the Russian Empire are doing in Aleppo is imperialist butchery & perhaps the single greatest atrocity of the 21st Century so far. It’s no coincidence that the Irish supporters of the atrocity appear to almost unanimously belong to organisations & traditions that once backed the siberian prison camps, the nazi-soviet pact, the tanks that crushed the hungarian revolution & a dozen other people’s revolutions.

Well I am not going to be counted among those, now or ever. Long live the Arab Spring! Fuck Assad & his child rapers. Fuck Putin & his barrel bombers. Fuck the Ayatollah’s Black-And-Tans. Fuck every one who gives them the slightest bit of comfort or support. & if thats too black & white for you, fuck you.

Fuck you if you think it’s ok to barrel-bomb the poor while they queue for bread.

Fuck you if you think it’s heroic to collapse ten storey buildings on top of orphans.

Fuck you if you think it’s ok for soldiers to rape women if they are muslim or wear the hijab.

Fuck you if, as is evident from many of your posts, you get a little hard-on when you hear a maternity hospital has been bombed.

Fuck you for spreading the miserable, inhuman lie that the heartbreaking goodbye videos being posted by activists in East Aleppo are anything but genuine.

Fuck you because you are a monkey for Putin & Assad & a cheerleader of atrocity.

I am a socialist who – like most socialists these days thank the lark – knows the revolution will be just as much against you as it is against your massacring, raping, barrel-bombing, chemical-killing heroes in Aleppo.

Genuine socialists need to start calling out the Stalinists much louder. They count for virtually nothing in the real world & if people knew that were supporting Assad & Putin they would count for even less. Lets make them count for as little as possible.

On the internet the Stalinists can seem much more significant than they actually are. But imagine if they got a TD or some other form of power or real support – it would be a disaster for the Irish working class to have PutinAssad’s Cheerleaders in a leadership position.

So please – do something in the name of the massacred people of Aleppo today & call out the stalinists on your timeline – share this post or say something yourself. The stalinists are confusing some decent people because socialists, anarchists, & other genuine activists are not being forward enough in calling them out. Lets not be lumped in with them. I would rather eat my own head than be confused with a stalinist massacre lover.


Notes on last night’s Claire Byrne Live

Cunning Hired Knaves

"Public opinion, c'est moi!"“Public opinion, c’est moi!”

On last night’s show a debate on Europe’s refugee crisis was preceded by a standing ovation from the studio audience for members of the Irish Navy, who stood in line in full uniform.

The panellists for the debate were actor Liam Cunningham, government minister Paul Kehoe, and Irish Independent columnist Ian O’Doherty. I had started watching the programme out of curiosity after seeing tweets objecting to Ian O’Doherty’s presence on the show.

Ian O’Doherty -a dull-minded figure who poses as a Christopher Hitchens-style contrarian but without the allure of the turncoat, the ostentatious learning, or the mental dexterity that Hitchens had on offer – served up a farrago of racist talking points that originate with the far right. It was O’Doherty’s views that were allowed to frame the discussion, and Cunningham, and to a lesser extent Kehoe, were called upon to respond.

Of those who spoke…

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The FG Creative Ireland plan is in detail here.  Looking through it briefly, a couple of points:

1) The eminently exportable forms of Drama (you can be sure that ‘drama’ means exclusively what can sell in New York & London) & Film are included. But notably no mention of other less-commodiffiable & more dissenting forms of literature. No mention of the performance poetry form for example, which has been a widespread engager of children’s & community creativity in the last decade.

This indicates that the drafters of the plan are out of touch with developments in the arts & creative pedagogy &or they are being advised & influenced by heavily bureaucratised, corporate-controlled, sectional interests within the arts.

2) There are very few concrete proposals – lots of high-sounding talk though. Apart from easing up a little on social welfare harassment of artists, there are no concrete details about what the plan will mean at the level of individual artists.

3) Nothing will happen in 2017 but the drafting of county plans & national plans & the formation of local authority working groups. Musical chairs for committee hacks. The impact of this on working artists will be zero. It will keep a good few non-artists busy & well expensed though. There are no figures at all on how much the govt proposes to spend on the scheme. They have not shown us the money.

The likelihood of Fine Gael being out of govt by 2018 & their plan being ditched must be very high.

4)Artists have no role whatsoever in the running of or decision making of Creative Ireland. The whole thing will be governed, all important decisions made, all priorities decided by:

‘A Cabinet Committee chaired by An Taoiseach

A Senior Officials Group, led by the Secretary General of the Department of An Taoiseach, comprising senior civil servants from each relevant Department

A dedicated Project Office, located in the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.’

In other words Creative Ireland will be bossed by right-wing politicans & unelected senior servants appointed by them – the least creative people in the country.

This is of course absurd. GUBU, in fact. Imagine if the national plan for farmers, doctors, plumbers, or any other professional group besides artists were going to be completely run by people who were not farmers, doctors, plumbers etc – nothing so ridiculous would even be considered. The questions raised here are very serious – why are irish artists held in such contempt by the governing powers? Why are we so easy to collectively cod?

5) The language of the document makes it clear that this has nothing to do with promoting creativity either for its own sake or for the purposes of a critical engagement with social & political issues.

Instead, it’s an accountant-inspired scheme designed to harness the creativity of the Irish for purposes of international branding & neo-liberal competition.

“Amid increasingly fierce global competition for investment, tourism and export markets, a clear articulation of a country’s values, capabilities and beliefs about itself is increasingly important”

“Creative Ireland presents an opportunity to create a single proposition based on Irish culture and creativity that represents a considered, compelling and imaginative view of how we wish to be seen by the outside world”.

We’re being proposed as a new kind of sexy ammunition in the economic war, in other words.

The emphasis here  on a ‘Single Proposition’ & prominently elsewhere in the document on “Unifying our Global Reputation”  is like something out of the North Korean Arts Plan . Artists need to raise the red flag on this one. We’re not here to play in some kind of gigantic ARTSRUGBY team.

Anyway – read the document & see for yourself. Sounds like load of absolute tory bollocks to me, and may well do far more harm to the arts than good.